Condolences and homages to Mohamed M. Nabbous

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Dear Mo, it was a pleasure to meet you and your family some years ago and became a friend of you. I will never forget you and your courage to fight for the freedom of your country. I'm sure your dream will become true soon and you will be remembered for ever.
My thoughts are with you and your family.
Wherever you are a big hug from your spanish friend.
I pray for you and your family. Big hug Mo! 
-- Oriol Bonjoch, Barcelona, Spain
Mohamed, rest in peace my brother. You are a hero. 
-- Hisham Morocco, Holland
Like a candle in the wind...
Hopefully one day this planet will be free of idiot tyrants and people will understand that friendship and kindness are much more important in life than power. I will never forget the moment Mo tried to establish a connection with livestream to set up Libya Alhurra: heartbreaking. Mo wasn't the only one so I would also like to express respect to all other Libyans who have passed away for their fight for freedom. Libya will be a pearl to Mo's babygirl soon. Inshallah. 
-- Ron, Netherlands
I found the Alhurra chat room only days before Mo passed but like everyone else was devastated by his passing. trigger2011 
-- Richard Trigg, USA
My thoughts go out to you Perditta. As an 18 year old aspiring journalist in Canada, I watched Mo's livestream quite a lot. I was very saddened to hear of his death and was deeply moved by your words on his passing. He was a shining example of justice, and kindness to the world and Im very saddened that he's gone. I wish I could be in libya right now to aid your people in their struggle.

Im very sorry for your loss and best wishes to you and Mo's unborn child. 
-- Evan Pretzer, Canada
Mohammed gave his life so that Libya could one day be free.. such a beautiful person with so much to live for.. Mohammed is gone but his spirit lives on, he will never be forgotten.. Perdita, may Allah give you strength.. 
-- Bahia khar, Egypt
Gaddafi believed that fear was his strength, that no one would dare challenge his rule, speak up, undo his lies and propaganda and rally the Libyan people and the rest of the world against him. Mohamed Nabbous, you proved him wrong, you were that one who dared.

I'm not Libyan, I'm not even Arab and/or Muslim, I was born and I live in a country were the respect of basic human rights is not perfect and absolute but far above the average compared to the rest of the world. Why would guys like me care about the fate of your people ? Because, for centuries, my ancestors fought, suffered and died so that my people could obtain the freedom I enjoy today. It's a treasure that the Libyan people deserves to share too.

That's why Libya's freedom fighters are my heroes, and Mohamed Nabbous is the first of them. Yes Mohamed, you didn't carry a gun, you didn't even command combat units nor played a part in the politics of the nascent rebellion, but you did more than that. You woke up consciences, made the rest of the world aware of the situation in your country, and inspired all of those who fight against the tyrant, you did something that was unthinkable some months ago.

Rest in peace Mo, God bless you and your family. May your wife and your unborn child soon live in a free Libya that that will inspire other nations to do the same and get rid of their tyrants. 
As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
so is the word that goes out from his mouth: It will not return empty, but will accomplish what he desired and achieved the purpose for which he sent it.

If every candle burns so light he does, there will never be darkness in the world. 
-- Janus & Matthias Hauser, Germany
THE TRUTH, dedicated to Mohammed Nabbous..Feb27th 1984-march 19th 2011-04-25

Truth makes us believe, Makes us stand for what is right
Truth gives us freedom, gives us hope to be alive
Truth is what distinguishes the good from the bad,
Makes us who we are, determines what we do

The truth is often hidden, or taken from our lives
Truth is used against us, and we must live a life of lies
So when that truth breaks through, It turns our life around
Questions all we stand for, makes us stop and start again

But in this blemished world full of suffering and pain ..
In this life of hardship and blame
There are very few who are brave..Who have courage to face the dangers
Who have the belief to find the truth

It's rare to find a person truly selfless in this world
Rare to find someone who can stand up against the world,
In the name of truth

But we have all known one such person, a brave yet gentle soul,
Who has paved the path of honesty.
Who has fought and faced the pain

But this is what he gave to us, what he offered to the world
Gave his people a dream of freedom let the world know the truth

His dream was for his people for his town for his home,
He was part of brave Benghazi who stood strong against the world

In the darkness he was a beacon a light to lead the way
To guide his people to freedom, to give them hope and strength

"I'm not afraid to die, I'm just afraid that I won't win .."
Did not think of his own safety, what was important to be free
And for the world to know the truth

His dream was for his country for a Libya that was free
Where all people lived with dignity..and none lived in fear

But on that sad sad day that we never can forget, they tried to stop his dream of freedom
Did not want the world to know the truth
And even though they took him from our lives, from his people from his dear wife
Nothing can stop his mission his spirit lives on so strong

I have never known him ..have only known his name,,,his face upon the screen
But hew has touched me with his humanity..has moved me deep inside

MO your name will live on forever, your death can never be in vain,
You are a symbol of a people whose lives will never be the same again
To your people you're a martyr who gave his life for truth and for faith
To the world you are a symbol of of one brave man who stood for the truth

MO today im filled with sadness, my heart has skipped a beat,
My heart is with your family..May god protect your soul

But you are one of many, many brave young men,
Standing up for freedom fighting for the truth
Your name lives on among them, your memory drives their fight,
Your vision leads the way and your spirit shines a light

Good bye dear mo, your memory is etched upon our hearts,
You have earned a place in history
Have opened a path to a brave new world

Know that one day soomn truth will conquer the darkness,
All Libyans will be free and the world you know will have changed forever
And a new one will prevail
Your dream will come true, all will live in peace

Gone too young ..gone too soon... you have died a hero
And soon the world will know your name
Soon all will breathe the freedom...
And will honour you and Libya with the truth
-- michelle jamal, london
He was like my eyes and ears as well as many others. I have followed his work since day one and at the same time was so happy I was able to hear the truth firsthand. News of the loss moved me deeply. He was a great self-sacrificing and honest man. My deep condolences to his family. 
-- mrs. Goran, Serbia

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