Condolences and homages to Mohamed M. Nabbous

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You are a model and a modern hero for me. You and Mohamed Bouazizi have to stay in the history of your countries. The free people of your countries will never forget you. Perditta and your family can be very pride of you. Rest in peace. A friend from Paris.  
-- Bruno Simoes, Paris
I am so proud of Mohamed, he made me so proud to be a Libyan for once. Allah yara7mah & grant him Al-Fardoos where all the Shuhada' shall dwell  
-- Dawud Nejma
an example for everyone, you are great Mo.  
-- daniele colantonio, italy
Condolences to the Nabbous family. You are a very couragous. Thank you. Your fight is important to the whole world.  
-- Theresa Skinner, Vancouver, BC
I am so, so sorry for your wife's and family's immense loss and for your child for never knowing such a great father. But I know that your child will always be immeasurably proud to have a father who gave his life in working to ensure that his child and millions of others could grow up in freedom. May God bless your great soul and the great souls of all Libyans who die fighting for freedom from a tyrant, bring comfort to your and all their families, and hasten freedom for all your families and children and for all Libya.  
-- Ruth Riegler-Qishta, Kuwait
I have followed the events in Libya from the beginning, always hoping for your freedom to come soon. Mo was one of this great people that took action when it did count. Putting oneself back for a greater good- and freedom is the greatest of goods. You will live on in our thoughts and shall become earth again. Nothing is lost in this cycle.  
-- Sebastian Ziegler, Germany
All my condolences to Mohammeds and Perdittas family. Mohammed was an inspiration to all, he was one man that changed the world! Thanks Mohammed!  
-- Linda van Steenacker , Germany
I've been watching Mohamed from the very beginning on the livestream from Benghazi covering the revolution. He was very brave and courageous. I'm so sadden to see him gone. All my thoughts and prayers to his wife and family. He will be truly missed 
-- Janet Zeglam, USA
I have a son of the same age. With people like him, we can hope for the future.  
-- carlo g, italy
my condlences to the hero Mohamed Nabbous i was a friend and i know how a really good man he was(RIP)  
-- yousif kumatey, London

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