Condolences and homages to Mohamed M. Nabbous

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I am angry at "Girrdaffi"!!- and at the world community for acting so slowly.

Mo is a martyr now, as are too many before him. He knew the risk He was taking and was willing to run that risk so the world could see the truth.

I feel like i have lost a brother, Libya has Lost one of it's great Leaders of the Revolution ( although Mo would probably shout at me for saying that! - as he said he was just an ordinary libyan) -Who like many ... only asked for freedom.

I Send My Gratitude and heart felt sorrow to all the Mods and friends on Mo's Channel_ But I Take solice in the fact that Mo would have given his life to see his brothers and sisters free!
- He will always be my hero.

We must all continue to get the Truth Out!

To Mo's brave wife Perditta and all of his family - I pray you find peace.

-- michael Danmike, Denmark
I hope you find the words of this man comforting & encouraging "We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men ? not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes." "As a nation we have come into our full inheritance at a tender age. We proclaim ourselves, as indeed we are, the defenders of freedom"-Edward R. Murrow 
-- Tim Hoskens, Colorado, USA
to his family and friends, it hurts to watch his videos; he is the same age as my son, and so full of life and joy; miss him ;( may we all meet some day in a better place,
Dave aka Schnee Wolfe 
-- David (Shnee) Cadman, Canada
I wish to extend my condolences to Mohamed's widow and his family. He led a wonderful life. May God bless him for his sacrifices ! 
-- Charles Crooks, United States
I wanted to give a very special tribute to this courageous man, All my condelences to Mohammed family. We are so many to support your fight for freedom and dignity. May his sacrifice give the next generations a wonderful example.
We are with you. 
-- christophe de Medeiros, France
My deepest condolences to Mohamed's wife, unborn child,family and friends! He was truly a man of honor and courage that some of us can only hope to be someday. 
-- Doreen Petersen, Boston, MA,USA
we are allowed to mourn because the world lost a hero
...we are allowed to be thankfull that we have known him...
...his bravery already changed the world´s run in a his sense... 
-- Wendelin Pruckner, Germany
God Bless you and keep you Mohamed. Rest in Peace. 
-- Craig Bonney, Chesterfield, UK
I am an Indian I worked in Al Arab Medical University Benghazi Libya early 1990 to 2000 ten years.Libyans are so helpful and very simple people and very sincere and hard working people.when I heard through media revolt in Tunisia and Egypt I thought sure there will be freedom protest in Libya too.I started hearing news on Feb17 huge peaceful protest is going on in Benghazi I was so nervous thinking Mr.Ghadaffi atrocity what will happen to those people suddenly I started receiving breaking news saying people are killed by live ammunition I started watching web site every day and live update suddenly I could see Mr.Mohammed M Nabbous live stream the way he speak courageous and outspoken inside Libya I never see such person like him, still I remember when he was speaking with International correspondent he quote"I don't know I will be alive tomorrow but our Libyan youth will carry this freedom fight till Libya get freedom from this dictator Ghadaffi'.Allah has taken him but his courage,spirit and freedom fighting is still alive with young Libyan boys and girls life.I pray for him may Allah bless his soul peace in rest put him in Heaven. 
-- Kamal Hassan, United Arab Emirates
I am so very sorry for your enormous loss. Mo and your family's great sacrifice for freedom and justice will be remembered by the world and I hope that can bring you some comfort. With love and respect. 
-- Karen Guancione, USA

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