Condolences and homages to Mohamed M. Nabbous

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Mo your compassion for your fellow Libyans and strength to stand up to fight for freedom will never be forgotten. Thank you for lighting a candel in honor of all Libyans and in my heart as well. May your family be blessed. 
-- Heather Grones, USA
Ya Mohammed ya shaheed Allah, you will never be forgotten. Your courage, bravery and resilience will forever be appreciated and we pray for your ru7ma in the afterlife. yajma3na Allah fil janna inshallah. 
-- Meisoun Faituri, USA
One night, I'm watching this guy in Libya on the internet, who could be me, couple of years younger, ok, posting videos, from an area where ppl are ACTUALLY fighting for their lives.
I think about the bigots in my own country complaining over and over and think: This guy is REALLY showing the world something important.
I wake up and find out he's been murdered.
Take that Geert Wilders and your so called "Freedom Party"
Mo Nabbous and yr fellow heroes, I salute you. Deepest respect. 
-- Allert Aalders, Utrecht
Many things I could say, but mainly, and the more important thing, is you has showed us the path. we'll never forget you, and I and all of ones signing here, will continue your work as much as possible until Libya be a free country. And we'll also continue here to support to your family to win this war and all of them live in a free.
God bless you and your family. 
-- Jose Miguel Rodriguez, Spain
May you rest in peace dear respected friend.I will never forget these eventful days, seeing you work day after day to make your dream come true. Libya Alhurra will become an institution for freedom, you will see. You and your family are in my prayers now and always. Thank you for showing us the way, keep showing us from your side. Till we meet again ! God bless you and reward you ! 
-- Stephen Florian, Malta
Perditta, Your husband was a hero and you have my most heartfelt condolences on such a tragic loss.
Everynight when I look up at the night sky and find the brightest star I'll always think of Mo because thats what he was, the brightest star in the darkest night
-- Joy Calogreedy, Australia
Mo, you brought together people from all corners of the world and left no life untouched. I thank Perditta for carrying on your courage and bravery and you all are always in my prayers and my heart. Who would've known one person could make such a difference in just 30 days and still continues to touch a world, even after this life is over. We were brought together to bear witness not only to the evils done to humanity, but to attest to the fact that humanity does still exist. It is alive and well today, in the spirit of Mohamed Nabbous. Let peace be found and void be filled with much love and many good memories for those whose hearts still ache.
Mo: "check, check"----it's all good my friend. Peace and blessings. 
-- Jenna (Sunshine49) Roberts, USA
Thanks to a very human being. Quel exemple pour les jeunes qui s'interrogent aujourd'hui dans ce monde occidental si égoiste : lorsque la liberté d'un monde est en jeu qu'importe la mort, seul compte de gagner la lutte. Je prie pour que son message reste pour l'éternité. Thank you Mo !
-- Pilippe Spartacus, France
Mohamed, I never knew you but found your site the day before you were martyred. I was on line when it happened. You have made a difference in this person's life from half way around the planet. You showed me how much time I have wasted and how I can be a positive force in the world from here on in the name of liberty and freedom for all people of our world. I thank you from the depths of my heart. Martin T. - SaltLake 
-- Martin T, SaltLake
Check check Mo. Now that Libya Alhurra is on Arabsat, all can hear you now. Your wishes are coming true one by one. To Perditta, your wish for us to continue spreading the truth for Mo will also happen. We will keep the channel going. My condolences for your loss. We will never forget Mo and what he sacrificed for love of his family and his country, and for freedom. Sending my love your way.  
-- Marla Jenkins, North Carolina, US

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