Condolences and homages to Mohamed M. Nabbous

We are currently compiling condolences and homages for Mohamed Nabbous. This page is constantly updated.

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He died for freedom 
-- Miguel Eduardo Uribe Guarin, Colombia
May Allah be with you and your family.  
-- Lisa PreFontaine, North Carolina, USA
Homme intelligent, déterminé et courageux, Mohammed restera trés longtemps dans les coeurs et les esprits. Paix à son âme et courage à sa famille qui peut être fière de lui. Bonne route à son idéal, la Révolution Libyenne.  
-- Daniel Mionnet, France
My thoughts are with Mohamed and his family and friends. I wish I could help with more than words. 
-- Mateu Amengual, Palma, Spain
My heart goes out to all those brave Libyans who have put their lives on the line to fight for what every Libyan deserves - a free and just Libya for every citizen. Mohamed Nabbous, as with all those who have lost their lives, should never be forgotten. Come the time when Libya is a democracy, every single person in Libya should know that it was attained only because of the ultimate sacrifice that people like Mohamed made on their behalf. May he rest in peace knowing that his dream for Libya will be fulfilled.  
-- Robert Spratt, UK
Mohammad gave us the sense that we were connected with the people in Benghazi. I would watch his reports at night and wake up to see what I have missed. On that last morning it was more than devastating to hear he was gone. May god have mercy on his soul, take care of his family, and exact payback on his killers.  
-- Nabil Bugaighis, USA
What a brave man he was. I hope a street in Benghazi will be named after him. Mo, we miss you.  
-- Tarek Malek, USA
Thank you, Mohamed.You gave hope to all Libyans. Your spirt is still with us and a new free Libyan TV. station is coming soon to finish the job you started. My condolences to your family and to all people who watched you till the last minutes.  
-- Mohamed Elrai, USA
RiP Freedom is not free and you paid for it with your life... Free Libya!  
-- Daniel Hermsen, Holland
May this brave men rest in peace and always be honored and remembered  
-- Leo Bloem, Netherlands

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