Condolences and homages to Mohamed M. Nabbous

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Mo, I was with you from the beginning and you gave me hope for the future in ways you cannot imagine. What you did was monumental. The people who gathered around your page did miraculous things, from doctors to medicine. Your death is far from in vain. You truly are a hero of the modern day. May your memory and that of what you did live forever.  
-- allen whitehead, pacific northwest USA
We will not let you Die in will forever stay in our Hearts and because of Brave and Courageous Libyans like you,your beautiful Country will once again be free. 
-- Mike Fleming, Oxford UK
Mohamed you showed the World what Libya could become one day. You are the symbol of the next generation: brave, smart, generous. A bright future is waiting for Libya because I am sure that there thousands of people like you. Thank you for your sacrifice. You will be always remembered. You have become a hero of your country. 
-- Luis Carballo, France
The world has lost a hero who tried his best to let the world know what was happening in Libya. Mr. Nabbous gave the supreme sacrifice to help his fellow Libyans and he will never be forgotten. God bless his soul and the Nabbous family in this time of grief. I belong to a Facebook group dedicated to Mr. Nabbous We love and pray for you Mrs. Nabbous and your child. God bless. 
-- Alwaisi Sarah, USA
May God bless your soul and provide your family the patience for missing you. You helped your people beyond measures, you still and always will. May your death bring freedom to your country as it brought priceless pride to your loved ones. I miss seeing your broadcasts, especially your last night while helping people connect with their fams in Libya. You are missed, your victory is coming soon. Rest in peace Mo! 
-- Jay Bond, CA. United States
Dear Perditta, dear Mo's family, it is difficult for me to find the words... When I remember Mo, my heart feels warm and tears come to my eyes. I had been watching Libya Alhurra the night before, amazed by Mo's courage, intelligence and tenderness. When I heard your words, Perditta, I understood why he must have loved you so much. We will never forget Mo 
-- Elena Cal, Belgium
Perditta: Hearing you speak brought my heart so close to you and your people in Libya.

You husbands incredible work still goes on! All because of him and his family it lives now helping thousands of people in many ways.

Sending my love from England to you and all of your family!  
-- Jane Lloyd, UK
What can I say that has not already been said, we have seen lots of heroes being killed, but I felt I knew Mohamed, what bravery you showed, May Allah grant you the Pleasure of paradise and bestow blessings on your family and friends , God Bless Perditta and you baby xxxx 
-- Julie Bader, Liverpool U.K
I never knew you Mohamed, but I was on line when you were taken from us. You were a positive, brave force to learn from. You gave your life trying to let the rest of the world know what was happening in Benghazi and the rest of Libya at the hands of the G. forces. You died trying to obtain freedom which you so much deserved. I will remember you as a voice in the night crying for freedom. 
-- Diane Fredette, Canada
Your husband has done so much for Libyans and Libya than you will ever know. 
-- Nasser Budraa, USA

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