Condolences and homages to Mohamed M. Nabbous

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To Mohamed M. Nabbous: Thank you for all you did to show the truth. You have made this world a little smaller and friendlier. To his family: May you be blessed bare the fruit of Mohamed's work, a husband, father, brother, son to be truly proud of. Stay strong.  
-- Cara Casa, Netherlands
first thing , i want to send my condolences to Nabbous Family , for the loss of a great libyan citizen and a true martyr , who's goal is to spread the truth about what is happening in Libya . Finally Nabbous family must be proud of having a person like mohamed M. Nabbous  
-- Haitham Binlaba, Libya
you lit a fire in me Mo, i lit a candle for you ~ peace brother!  
-- Larry ODonnell, Ensenada Mexico
We'll never forget you. You are an example for us and for all the upcoming generations. Thanks for all you've done.  
-- Robert Godfroid, Ans (Belgium)
Mohamed was a shaheed who gave his life to a free and united Libya. He is in janna now and I am sure his parents are proud they gave birth to a hero.  
-- Nawal Sherif, USA
Seulement du respect pour lui, son action et ceux qu'il représente. Sinceres condoleances à sa famille et ses amis.  
-- André Borel, Guadeloupe
My heartfelt condolences to the widow and family of Mohamed Nabbous, whose courage and dignity remain an inspiration to us all.  
-- Vaska Tumir, Canada
My husband & 1 followed Mohamed's footage everyday. He was such a brave man! We miss him very much and our thoughts & prayers are with his wife & family. May he rest in peace.  
-- Lesley Said, Scotland
You had the courage to get out and talk to the world when you knew that the tyrant's response could be dire. You died, but will live forever through your work and your ideals. Honor to you and to your family!  
-- Gabriel Bologea, Sweden
So many good people like Mohamed Nabbous in this Nation of Libya! In Peace Darren  
-- Darren Lovelace, Monmoouth Oregon

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