Condolences and homages to Mohamed M. Nabbous

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thank you mohamed nabbous,we will not forget you,you have giving more then any one can give,my condolences to your love one, i am talking to you if you are still a live, in my hart you are and will be for ever more, you are the true son of free libya, may god have you near to him in the garden of life, we love you and libya love, thank you  
-- mohamed shellouff, usa
First let me express my sincere condolences to Perditta Nabbous.

If a conflict erupts in a distant and largely unknown country, which Libya is even from the standpoint of an otherwise politically interested citizen in Germany, the internet can provide information that provides deeper insights than the local media into the motifs of the people involved in that distant conflict. On the other hand, it is not easy to find sources of substantial and credibles information among the many voices contributing to the WWW.

When I happened to detect by chance the first report of Mo a few days before his killing by a Gaddafi sniper, I immediately realized that his voice provides an outstandingly sincere and heart-catching testimony on the real processes unfolding in Libya. Therefore I started to follow his reports up to his last one that was interrupted by gunfire. What a tragic and colossal loss for the Libyan people and the citizens of the world in general and for his wife Perditta in particular. 
-- Paul Tavan, Germany
You will always be remebered for standing up to an evil regieme. I know you are in a better place now and your death will not be in vain. Condolences to close family and friends. 
-- Ayshia Medham, UK
sooo sorry for your loss and our loss, we always remember him
-- entisar badi, toronto
Your courage was exemplry, your hunger for truth was enviable, your belief in the cause of justice was solid, you will be missed my friend. God bless your soul! 
-- Mohamed Elwakil, New York

Words can hardly capture the feelings of grief, sadness and despair that first overcame me when I heard Mohamed died. I watched some of his videos in the days prior and I felt a true appreciation not just for his courage in reporting his perspective, but more importantly, his internal courage in reporting things as accurately as he could. He was no BBC reporter or Al-Jazeera reporter, yet he tried to get the full story, all the angles, bring different voices, and not just cover enough angles to make his point. He really wanted the world to see what his people were doing, and what was being done to them.

God willing, when things calm down and Libya is revived, there will be proper tribute and recognition of Mohamed's sacrifice... We should all make sure this happens. In the mean time, my only condolence to his wife and his family is that he has moved on to the One who does not forget and appreciates abundantly. His sacrifice will never be forgotten by God, and He will shower you all with his mercy and support as an appreciation of what Mohamed did. Always remember that.

Peace and regards,
-- Tarek Dawoud, Seattle, WA, USA
To a brave man who fought for his country and liberty with heart and soul. May his name never be forgotten, not in Libya, nor in the whole world.  
-- Abigail Rodriguez, United States
Please accept my heartfelt sympathies. Another hero for the cause of democracy, freedom, secularism and open society. 
-- Simon Tisdell, Canada, Vancouver
On behalf of the NFSL members I would like to express our deepest condolences to ALL Libyans and Mohamed's family specifically our deepest condolences on the passing away of our Martyr Mohamed Nabbous. He is in the heavinly gardens of Allah, and what better place to be! 
-- National Front for the Salvation of Libya, Libya
he will be dearly missed, long live free libya  
-- ahmed assahli, dublin

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