Condolences and homages to Mohamed M. Nabbous

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It has been a year now, and Mo's reports still move me to tears. He will be a hero forever to all who believe in peace, justice and communicating across boundaries. Respect and much love to Perditta and Maya. May his spirit inspire the new Libya, which exists in great part because of him. RIP Mo. 
-- Carol Wellwood, Totnes, Devon, UK
God bless you "Mo", you are a shining star in the heavens of humanity. 
-- Asgeir Karlsson, Iceland
thank you mohamed for making us proud that we are libyans...and we will not forget our brave...  
-- hajer sharief, libya_tripoli
I've just seen a documentary about the great work Mohammed did in order to tell the world what was happening in Lybia and that they needed help.
He died for his people and for the hope that one day Lybia would be free and his people can have a life free from opression and tirany.
The world needs more people like you, Mohammed.
Rest in peace. 
-- David Silva, Portugal
Mohammed was taken from the people of Libya and now Libya is free. You will always be remembered. 
-- Diane Fredette, Canada
RIP Mo this is Dominga from Luna Cafe Internet Radio and Producer of the Tribute to Mo's video from our station. I would like to thank his wife for showing our tribute to this very wonderful man. Also give her credit to where credit is due we spent alot of time with him and her via live stream and adopted them both as family and shared her loss with arms wide open for her support through all what happen with Mo. We want to say congrats on the new baby give her big hugs from all of here. If you ever need anything please feel free to contact me a Mo will live forever in all us we are all are MO. 
-- Dominga Luna, Egypt
I watched the Al Jazeera documentary about Mohamed's invaluable work for Libya's freedom. It was not in vain. He will forever be remembered as a hero. My heart breaks for his wife and family. Peace. 
-- Joanna Hamil, Italy
Mo, you were carrying the torch when many others only dared to carry the candle in their hearts,lighted by your fire... RIP. 
-- Sil. de Strandjutter, Netherlands
God bless your soul Mohammad. I'm also Mohammad and I wish I was as brave as you were. Inshallah Libya will be free soon and your blood and other martyrs' bloods will not wasted. 
-- Mohamad Hafezi, Canada
We were lucky enough to find Libya Alhurra at the start of the fight for freedom and became avid viewers. When Mo was shot it felt like a close friend was in trouble, and the news of his death was shattering, heartbreaking. My wife, daughter and I all sat weeping, then Perditta came on the line, and we listened carefully. She was so brave, so inspiring, we knew Mo did not give his life in vain.

Soon Libya will be FREE !! Mo will live forever in our thoughts, we admire him so much and all that everyone has done and is still doing. 
-- Ajarn Chan, Thailand

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